Sep 20, 2011

First: "Running" with the Family

If you drove through my neighbourhood tonight you might have seen a once-sedentary family out jogging together. We were on our second lap of walking on this cool evening when I just up and decided I was going to jog--because I could.

My son started too. Within moments he was blocks ahead of me, but no matter, it was an astonishing event. My wife was giddy and proclaimed herself glowing to see her family out jogging together. We never would have imagined ourselves being an "active" family.

What's next? Triathlons? I'd doubt it. But four months ago when I first broke out of a walk into a trot, just to see if was possible, I could only do ten seconds without massive fatigue in my lower body and my heart beating like a rabbit.

Tonight it was almost magical, almost "out-of-body" to find myself jogging with the people I love. My wife and I both realized right away that doing such a thing would redefine our lives in dramatic fashion if we kept it up.

I pictured us driving off in the cold winter a couple nights a week to walk and jog at the field house. Not sure we can afford that right now, but the future is open to possibilities.